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DCB Happy Savings Account: A smarter way to Save and Grow

06 Apr 2024

In robust financial markets like India, navigating through multiple options for finding a secure, tax-efficient, and flexible avenue can be tough. If you don’t know where to begin, right choice is to open a Savings Account. There are many great accounts out there, and the DCB Happy Savings Account is certainly all about the cheer.

Picture it as that much-loved savings box, but with an array of fantastic Savings Account Features that can enhance your finances. This account not only ensures the safety of your hard-earned savings but also helps them grow.

Benefits of the DCB Happy Savings Account

The DCB Happy Savings Account benefits are different from your regular Savings Account. It has some solid features that set it apart as a smarter way to save and grow your money.

Here are some key Happy Savings Account benefits:

1. High Interest Rates on Savings Account

Your money doesn't just sit there; it works better and earns more for you. With the DCB Happy Savings Account, you get high Savings Account interest rate. What’s more, eligible account holders can earn up to 8 % p.a. interest on their deposited savings amount. It's like a little big reward for being a smart saver.

2. Cashback on UPI Transactions

Now, here's where it gets exciting. With this account, you earn cashback on all your Unified Payments Interface (UPI) domestic debit and credit transactions. It's like getting a discount on your daily expenses. You can enjoy a cashback of up to ₹7,500 p.a.* on eligible UPI transactions in a financial year. The best part? The more you transact, the more you earn.

But wait, there's a catch (a good one): to be eligible for this cashback, you need to maintain an average quarterly balance of ₹25,000 in your DCB Happy Savings Account. So, the more you save, the more you earn. It's like a little extra treat for being a diligent saver.

3. Flexible Transaction Amounts

To make things even more convenient, you don't need to perform high-value transactions to get cashback. A minimum transaction amount of just ₹500 is enough to qualify.

4. Additional Banking Perks

The DCB Happy Savings Account offers unlimited access to all DCB Bank ATMs in India, free any-branch banking across DCB Bank branches, and unlimited online RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS facilities.

Get Cashback with Each UPI Payment You Make

Average account balance in a Quarter Minimum transaction amount for cash back eligibility Maximum eligible UPI transactions per month Cash back per transaction Maximum cash back amount permitted per month
25,000 500 5 10 50
50,000 500 10 15 150
1,00,000 500 15 20 300
2,00,000 500 25 25 625

Key Points to Remember

Here are some key pieces of information that must be kept in mind when going for a DCB Happy Savings Account:

  • Minimum Average Quarterly Balance (AQB): You must maintain a minimum average quarterly balance of ₹10,000 in your DCB Happy Savings Account. However, to enjoy the cashback benefits, you should maintain an AQB of ₹25,000.
  • High Interest Savings Account: DCB Bank Savings Accounts offer some of the high Savings Account interest rates to customers. Resident Indian individuals can enjoy up to 8% interest on their hard earned savings and grow their wealth in an assured manner.
  • Cashback Credited Quarterly: Cashback rewards are credited to your account every quarter in the first month of the following quarter.
  • Exclusive for Resident Indian Individuals: The DCB Happy Savings Account is tailored for residents, making it accessible to those who call India their home.

A Smart Choice for Smart Savers

If you want to open a Savings Account, it's essential to weigh all Savings Account features carefully. The DCB Happy Savings Account is a smart choice for those looking to grow and not just save money. With high Savings Account interest rates, cashback on UPI transactions, and a host of additional banking perks, it's a win-win.

So, if you're looking for a financial partner who makes your money work hard while adding a little extra cheer, the DCB Happy Savings Account is certainly worth a shot.

Enjoy Cashback benefit upto ₹ 7,500 p.a.*


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