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A Fixed Deposit with Free Life Insurance Cover - Double Suraksha for future of your family

23 Apr 2024


As we all know, there is a proverb, "Health is wealth," and it's been around forever. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed our views and highlighted the importance of health and financial protection. A timely twist to the proverb, "Health and wealth for your secure future" is a reminder to thing big and for the future.

The high and low of our lives are part and parcel of the lived experience. Uncertain times can be stressful and financial security is an important need to fulfil. Providing financial and health security for yourself and your loved ones, in the event of unforeseen circumstances is rightly a paramount concern.

Whenever there is a thought about financial security, the first thing that clicks our minds is earnings! But it is not just limited to earning money; it's also about ensuring it grows well with time. You would also appreciate it if your hard-earned money also worked for you, right? That's where smart choices come into play.

With so many options for Fixed Deposits, it's also important to choose wisely. We all want higher returns on our investments. Therefore, it would be a wise step to choose a high-interest Fixed Deposit with hassle-free account opening and redemption…and security!

Why does life insurance coverage matter?

In today's world, where financial security with Bank FD is non-negotiable, getting a life cover is also of prime importance. Thus, obtaining Life insurance coverage has emerged as an essential priority.

Life insurance coverage for both earning and non-earning members of a family plays a crucial role in safeguarding your family’s financial future, providing you with much-needed financial support and stability during challenging times. It serves as a safety net, ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of financially.

However, the process of obtaining life insurance coverage has been perceived as complex and cumbersome, often involving, medical tests, and high premiums. This can be particularly daunting for individuals already dealing with the stress of everyday life, making them hesitant to pursue life insurance as a means of financial protection.

This can also be challenging for homemakers or individuals with irregular incomes, as they may need to satisfy the necessary eligibility standards.

In light of these concerns, there is a growing demand for hassle-free life insurance solutions that offer comprehensive coverage without traditional barriers. So, you seek options with minimal documentation and no medical tests, making it easier and more convenient to secure your future.

Imagine a scenario where Fixed Deposits come with an equivalent amount of Life Insurance coverage. Possible?

Although it may seem challenging to believe, it is true!

Here comes a game-changer, DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit.

DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit leads the charge in this shift, providing a solution that tackles both growth of your deposit and life insurance cover. It provides the benefits of fixed deposit with higher interest rates and free life insurance coverage of an equivalent amount, becoming a compelling option for those wanting comprehensive financial security.

With DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit, you can enjoy life insurance cover equal to the amount in DCB Suraksha FD up to maximum INR 10 Lakh, or equal to the total amount of DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposits held in your name – subject to total limit of INR 10 Lakh for insurance. Ensuring financial security for your loved is a nice secure feeling! The age of the depositor (the insured) is an important factor and explained in the next paragraph.

DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit: Redefining Financial Security

Let's pause for a moment and consider: Is opting for DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposits truly worthwhile?

First, we would evaluate the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposits. Let’s start…

Who can open a DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit?

You must also be wondering if you are eligible to open a DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit or not. So, here's what you need to know:

Any individual between the age of 18 and 55 years can open a DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit. You can start investing for your better future as early as possible.

How much should I invest?

Surprisingly! The minimum deposit amount required has made it accessible to everyone! The minimum deposit amount required is just INR. 10,000.

You can also have DCB Suraksha FD for 50 Lakh Rupees, or even 2 crore, to earn attractive return, and the life insurance will be additional benefit at the maximum limit of 10 Lakh Rupees for DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit or Deposits greater than 10 Lakh Rupees.

If we summarise the key features, then we can say:

Key Features of the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit:

  • Higher returns on your Fixed Deposit
  • Free life insurance coverage equivalent to the deposit amount (up to a maximum of INR. 10 Lakh)
  • DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit tenure is 36 months
  • Easy application process with minimal documentation
  • Hassle-free redemption process
  • Life insurance is provided by Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Now, the question arises, is it really easy to open an account with DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit?

Opening a DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit is quick and easy! Ready, Steady, Go…

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Visit the nearest DCB Bank branch: Visit your nearest DCB Bank branch to open a DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit.

2. Provide Necessary Documents: You will only need to provide basic KYC documents such as an Aadhar proof (masked Aadhaar), PAN card, address proof, etc.

3. Declaration of Good Health: Fitness is appreciated everywhere! Sign the Declaration of Good Health form to confirm that you're in good health.

4. Choose Your Deposit Amount: Your security is in your hands! You can decide on the amount you want to deposit. Remember, the minimum Suraksha FD deposit amount is Rupees 10,000.

5. Complete the formalities: You have to fill out the necessary forms and complete the formalities with the help of our friendly staff.

After reading this above, you must be eager to check the FD interest rates of the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit. Simply click here to learn more about the interest rates: https://www.dcbbank.com/suraksha-fixed-deposit/deposit-rates

So, opting for free life insurance coverage and higher FD interest rates without any additional cost emerges as a viable solution. Should you take the insurance cover? Absolutely, it's recommended!

With DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposits, you can enjoy the dual benefits of attractive returns on your fixed deposit along with free life insurance cover, all without the hassle of medical tests or extensive documentation.

Furthermore, the ease of application and redemption makes it even more appealing. Apply now to secure your future.

Avail the double benefit of Fixed Deposit and Life Insurance Cover


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